Core Restore

Core Restore

Core Restore is for the ultimate eco conscious consumer. Made with yarn which has accelerated degradation in landfill, they're super soft and seamfree.


ambra core restore

Sustainable. Seamfree. Comfortable.

These super sustainable styles are the ultimate in softness. Taking only 5 years in regular landfill for the accelerated degradation process to complete.


Accelerated Degradation Process

Core Restore breakdown process

Let's break it down...

100 Years...

That’s how long it takes to break down synthetic fibres on average.


core restore in black

5 Years...

Core Restore only takes 5.

When it’s time to let them go, simply pop them in your regular bin-

they break down in landfill & return to the earth.   


Eco Elevated

Core Restore has been carefully designed with you and the planet in mind:

kind to both you and mother nature. 


core restore

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